A man of the 1970's - the decade when he was born and also the one by which he is inspired.


since 2010

SÃO PAULO, brazil


That period casts the colors he treasures on the spaces he creates as interior designer - golden and chrome together - and also an up-to-date psychedelic atmosphere that translates into absolutely contemporary projects.


His favorite patterns in wallpaper and fabric - with graphism that spans along the carpets - construct areas adorned with his collection of sculptural furniture pieces in lacquered wood, mirrors and acrylic, materials he prizes and uses competently.




All this mingles with the eclectic art he carefully singles out balancing what pleases him and what may be about to share a lifetime with his client. By the hands of Max, architect/designer, the outcome is a hint of eccentricity that engages and even gives rise to some irony - and which, along with his dramatic lighting, is sure to leave an urban scent with tons of personality.